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Diamond Diggers Tour agents for Nomads offering discounted tour to backpackers who love Africa, it's wildlife, cultures, people and travelling.Livingstone Trails and Viva Safaris do budget tours and safaris to the Kruger Park, Soweto and cater for most Kruger Park events. Visit Soweto, the biggest and most vibrant township in South Africa, which is increasingly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Soweto was pivotal to the struggle for freedom, and is now full of sites of significant historical importance. Today, Soweto is a cultural melting pot, and an absolute must-see for any visiting tourist and South African alike For more information or to fly to the Kruger national Park Airport call us on +27 82 952-9609 or +27 11 624-1676
The World renowned Kruger Park was established 1898 as one of the first attempts to conserve wildlife. The park is bigger than either Wales or Israel. Our many tours provide the opportunity to see the BIG 5 with Livingstone Trails or Viva Safaris and many other astonishing sights.

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